Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Smells

The minute I saw these cute lil' fragrances I had to try them! And let me tell you, they smell so yummy! 

Aside from the way they smell and look, I love them because they are all alcohol free, paraben free and there is no artificial coloring! 

"Perfume for everywhere you want to be kissed!" 

The fact that they are solid and so tiny means that you can literally throw them in your purse or pocket and freshen up without the hassel of carrying big bulky bottles. 

They come in 8 delicious scents:                         
  • Vanilla Sugar Glaze
  • Vanilla Pom D' Amour
  • Vanilla Fruit Sorbet
  • Ananas Imperial
  • Blue Orchids
  • Vanilla Lemon Pie
  • Musc & Patchouli
  • Lilas Spiritual 
You can find these awesome lil' guys at Sephora!
They are each $18 

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