Friday, July 31, 2009

Tarte Holiday Eyes Collection



Brand Spankin' New!!

Tarte just came out with two new eye collections that contain 10 silky, cream consistency shadows, along with a double ended eye pencil and shadow brush:

Femme Natural- Natural hues of color with a few darker shades for a pop!

Femme Fatale- Perfect combo to create a sexy, sultry eye!

This set is such a great deal and value!! It's only $44.00 and you can easily get 7 different eye combos out of each set! KILLER VALUE! 

You can find this set at:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too Faced Metal - Eyed Metallic Liner


Too Faced just created liquid liners to their fabulous makeup collection! Available in 8 shades, these liners are long lasting, smudge proof, and infused with Cucumber, Peach and Carrot extract!!!

  • Twilight (Midnight Blue)
  • Plum Crazy (Purple)
  • Handcuffs (Silver)
  • Brown Sugar (Bronze)
  • Lucky Charms (Dark Green)
  • Shotgun (Gun Metal Grey)
  • Dirt Bag (Dark Brown)
  • Blackout (Black)
These new liners are $17.50 and are available at:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buxom Lashliner


Bare Escentuals created this lash lining / lash enhancing / lash conditioning treatment!!

Welcome Buxom Lash Liner! Infused with minerals; vitamins A, C, E; honeysuckle;  jojoba oil; soy protein; tourmaline; and biotin, this liner is extremely long lasting. 

It comes in three colors - leatherette (black), sequins (black w/ silver glitter - shown above), and suede (dark brown).

What puts the cherry on top of this liner, is that it is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes and phthalates.

This product is $15.00 and can be found at:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

Day Look 

Classic Look

Fashion Look 


Too Faced just created this GORGEOUS new eye palette dedicated to all the ladies that want to look natural! 

This amazing kit contains 9 colors that are pigment rich and silky in texture, mixed with real crushed pearl. The awesome thing is that you don't have to fuss guessing what colors go with what. 

What's even more convenient, is that it comes with step by step directions on how to achieve each look! Three looks available - Day / Classic / Fashion.

Great for all ages with this kit's combination of matte, pearl, and satin shadows! 

This kit is $34.00 and can be found at:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dior Lip Glow

I adore this lip balm! 

It is a color awakening lip smoother that has SPF 10. When you put it on bare lips, it reacts with your bodies natural chemistry to create a shade that specifically suites you! It is always a natural lip color, so its gorgeous on, but still screams natural while making your lips line-less and pouty. Good for any and every skin tone. 

This lip balm costs $28.00 and can be found at:

Friday, July 24, 2009

DuWop's Prime Venom

DuWop has created the first matte lip plumping primer with the same plumping formula!

It has a matte finish and conditions your lips while keeping everything you put over it on all day! 

Still has that great tingle ; ) 

You can find this at:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nail Color of the Moment!

I was reading Allure (August 2009) and saw that this was the nail polish color of the moment! I decided to go out and try it and I am so in love with this color!!! 

It is by OPI and called "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow" It is a very deep forest green and practically looks good on everyone! I tried it on fair skin as well as deep olive skin and it looks SICK! 

Believe me, go out and grab this polish ASAP because it will be flying off shelves.

This polish costs roughly about $8.00 and can be found at:

p.s. stay tuned for OPI's Matte Collection!!!!
Available in these colors 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Benefit Fragrances

Benefit just came out with three new fragrances! 

Each fragrance created for a different gal! 

Something About Sofia

a poem to describe Sofia...

she lives in a dream
more dazzling than fiction 

imaginary yet real
she defies all prediction 

an incredible girl
sofia draws you right in 

to where the everyday ends
"and magic begins..."

My Place or Yours Gina 

a poem to describe Gina...

gina lives to seduce,

to tempt & flaunt

and knows you should always
get what you want.

so sinfully sexy
her allure is unjust,

but as they say...
"all's fair in love & lust."

Laugh with Me Lee Lee 

a poem to describe LeeLee...

her playful wink
and mischievous smile 

the flirtatious side
of her innocent style

no thought or worry
of what's meant to be

first laughter, then love
"... along came leelee"

Each of these fragrances is $36.00 and can be found at:



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bond No. 9

"Bryant Park"Notes: Lily of the Valley, rhubarb, pink pepper, rose, patchouli, raspberry, amber
"China Town"-Notes: Peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamom
"Brooklyn" -Notes: Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cypress-wood, Geranium Leaves, Juniper Berrie, Cedarwood, Leather and Guaiacwood

This is not a new product or company, but SOO worth writing about!! 

Not to mention that their fragrances are truly to die for!! 

Bond No. 9 is the first company to EVER launch a fragrance collection in homage to one of the greatest cities in the world- NYC! And clever enough the company's name is exactly it's address: 9 Bond St, NoHo- NYC. (if your ever in the city, this little boutique is a must for your eyes!)

They are constantly making new innovative fragrances to honor the many different districts of NYC. The ones above are my personal favorites!

One really cool thing that separates them from any other boutique is, once you purchase a fragrance, you will receive a sample of any new fragrance that they create FOREVER! thats right FOREVER! and they're samples are so cute - they look like lil' candies!

Each fragrance can vary in price- $45 - $220

You can find all these products at:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shu Uemura collaborates with Moyoco Anno

Shu Uemura is famous not only for his eyelash curler, but also for his innovative cleansing oils that are perfect for every skin type! 

If you have oily skin, do not be afraid! Ask yourself this, what cuts oil? The answer is Oil!!

 The concept of behind this is simple. Cleanse your skin, protect the delicate balance it already has, sweep away makeup and impurities in one step! Genius! 

There are 6 different oils, each one created for a specific skin type infused with essential oils that your skin is readily willing to accept.

Now, they come in awesome limited edition packaging that was created by Moyoco Anno, a renowned Manga artist and beauty expert! She is credited for creating and portraying the multi-faced lives of contemporary women!

These oils are $65 - $75

You can find the oils anytime, but the packaging is limited edition:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Talika Eye Therapy Patch

I was really curious about this product when I came across it, and have read reviews about it. 

In Style Magazine referred to it as, "Using technology similar to that in a nicotine patch" 

I mean seriously, they sold me on the similarity to the nicotine patch ; ) 

Anyhow, this polymer gel eye mask is reusable and even washable! 

It is clinically proven to reduce any traces of fatigue under the eyes because this eye mask has a time and progressive release of Ceramide III, Essential Oils ( Musk, Rose, Safflower, Avocado and Wheat Germ) and Karite.


All it takes? 30 minutes of your time!

This gel eye mask is $62 and can be found at:


Monday, July 13, 2009

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

OK, first off, I will try anything that has the word "Abundance" in it.. Love that word! 

So this was my experience with this hair cream:

  1. It literally went from being a powder in the bottle to a liquid in my hair - pretty cool!
  2. I used it when my hair was a bit oily and ready for a wash, and it literally sucked any excess oil up and made my hair go from flat to full - also pretty cool!
So I spoke to the girl at Aveda and she gave me the 411 on this hair potion:

  • "It instantly thickens hair by 17%"
  • Gives you that second day after a wash awesome hair look! 
Overall, I have really oily / long hair and after using this product I was able to not wash my hair for an extra day (not gross especially when it takes you a while to blow dry your hair), and it mattified the really shiny roots that I had. I was also able to style it easier. 

I give this hair potion 2 thumbs up!

It costs $23 and can be found at:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harajuku Girls Solid Fragrance


DO NOT be fooled by the uber cute packaging of these killer fragrances! 

Gwen Stefani is at it again, with this collection of solid and sophisticated smelling perfumes!

Perfect to travel with and is even TSA proof (you can take it on a plane without the airline people making you throw it out!) 

The five different scents are:

  • Love- Sensuous Floral Notes: Pink Peonies, Delicate Paperwhites, Rose, and Sensuous 

  • Lil' Angel- Fruity Floral Notes: Raspberry, Pear Blossom and Warm Hinoki Woods

  • Music- Delicate Floral Notes: Clementine, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle and Creamy Vanilla

  • Baby- Powdery Musk Notes: Bergamot, Tiare Flower, Jasmine and White Musk

  • G- Modern Gourmand Notes: Coconut, Jasmine, Magnolia and Sexy Woods

It is $65 for the set of 5 and can be found at:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Go Green Hair Appliances

Now you can look fresh while being environmentally friendly!

Rusk came out with a "Go Green" collection that not only will make your tresses look hot, but save energy as well! 

The collection consists of a flat iron called "Str8" that has "Intelligent Energy Saving Hibernate Mode" Think that sounds serious? Well it is!!! This flat iron automatically turns off after 10 minutes of not being used and when lifted again, immediately reheats!!! It doesn't just stop there, it is equipped with petroleum-free plates which means that it doesn't require much oil consumption in the production of it! 

Rusk also has the "Go Green" blow dryer which uses 23% less energy and is made out of all recycled items! 

Love this!!! 

You can find both of these items for $135.00 and can be found at:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nars Vintage 2009 Nail Polish

Nars new "Vintage 2009" nail polish collection is HOT!!!!

I saw these polishes and went crazy! They are gorgeous long lasting, chip resistant, and vibrant polishes that are perfect for hand or toes! Grab them while you can because they are limited edition!

My favorite is the purple shade called "Tallulah"

"Blue Lagoon"- Iridescent Blue Powder

"Zizi"- Clear with Peach & Gold Glitter

"Tallulah"- Rich Grape

"Hunger"- Hot Orange Red

"Cha Cha Cha"- Semi Sheer Tangerine with Gold Reflections

These shadows are $16.00 each and can be found at:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Urban Decay Fall Eyeshadows

"Frigid"- Deep Purple with Blue Sheen

"Ruthless"- Sandy Taupe Shimmer

"Freakshow"- Deep Purple with a Red Sheen

Urban Decay has created 3 new shades for the Fall Season and they are hot and sexy!

These deluxe shadows are often imitated but never duplicated! The texture of these shadows are cashmere silky smooth - feels like a cream but is really a powder, and loaded with intense pigment! 

Not to mention that the packaging is super cool ; ) 

These shadows are $18.00 and these shades can only be found right now at:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Promises of Long Lasting Results

Personally speaking, on behalf on myself - I always want to look good, without having to wake up at the crack of dawn to start doing so, or taking 5 hours to groom myself, while my poor boyfriend tirelessly waits for me.

Remember "I Love Lucy"? Didn't anyone find it weird that this house wife was cooking breakfast for her Cuban lover with a full face of makeup and hair?! I would be screaming at the thought of that too! 

I have personally spoken to a few of my girlfriends (none that I will mention - but you know who you are ; ) ) and listened to testimonials of waking up early to fill in brows or sneaking out of the dorm at the insane hours of the night to slap on some makeup so their men can wake up to a fresh faced young cutie. HOW FUNNY IS THAT?! 

Well in honor of all you ladies that want to look good 24 / 7 - maybe this post will help. 

A few products have come out on the market promising long lasting if not permanent results minus the surgery and I am here to break them down for you! 


Peter Thomas Roth - "Lashes to Die For"
Lashes To Die For
Price- $125.00 

Supply- 3 Months

What's in it? - Patent Pending Complex, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, C, E, B5

Results- Dramatically enhance the look of your natural lashes ( length, thickness, fullness) 
How to use- Apply at night time ONLY! and use the same way you would use an eyeliner, just right along the lash line

How long before you see results- I would say I definitely saw results within 6 weeks of using this. I even added to where I had bald spots in my brows and sure enough those bald spots were growing hair again! 

Warnings- It says on the box to not use more than once a day! I don't know what will happen and I don't want to find out! And also, if you are pregnant, you can not use this.

Lip Fusion XL

Price- $50.00
Supply- 0.29oz. (about 3 months)
What's in it? - Active collagen, hyaluronic acid and de-hydrated marine collagen filling spheres.

How it works?- Works in synergy with your body's natural water. The ingredients listed above capture the body's water which makes the spheres swell almost 50x their natural size - providing a super moisturized and long term plumped pout. It also will smooth out any fine lines in the lips which = a more youthful appearance! 
How to use- Apply it every night before bed. THATS ALL! 

How long before you see results?- This product is literally instant gratification!

Warnings- you will have yummy lips! 
You can find these products at: