Thursday, July 2, 2009

Promises of Long Lasting Results

Personally speaking, on behalf on myself - I always want to look good, without having to wake up at the crack of dawn to start doing so, or taking 5 hours to groom myself, while my poor boyfriend tirelessly waits for me.

Remember "I Love Lucy"? Didn't anyone find it weird that this house wife was cooking breakfast for her Cuban lover with a full face of makeup and hair?! I would be screaming at the thought of that too! 

I have personally spoken to a few of my girlfriends (none that I will mention - but you know who you are ; ) ) and listened to testimonials of waking up early to fill in brows or sneaking out of the dorm at the insane hours of the night to slap on some makeup so their men can wake up to a fresh faced young cutie. HOW FUNNY IS THAT?! 

Well in honor of all you ladies that want to look good 24 / 7 - maybe this post will help. 

A few products have come out on the market promising long lasting if not permanent results minus the surgery and I am here to break them down for you! 


Peter Thomas Roth - "Lashes to Die For"
Lashes To Die For
Price- $125.00 

Supply- 3 Months

What's in it? - Patent Pending Complex, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, C, E, B5

Results- Dramatically enhance the look of your natural lashes ( length, thickness, fullness) 
How to use- Apply at night time ONLY! and use the same way you would use an eyeliner, just right along the lash line

How long before you see results- I would say I definitely saw results within 6 weeks of using this. I even added to where I had bald spots in my brows and sure enough those bald spots were growing hair again! 

Warnings- It says on the box to not use more than once a day! I don't know what will happen and I don't want to find out! And also, if you are pregnant, you can not use this.

Lip Fusion XL

Price- $50.00
Supply- 0.29oz. (about 3 months)
What's in it? - Active collagen, hyaluronic acid and de-hydrated marine collagen filling spheres.

How it works?- Works in synergy with your body's natural water. The ingredients listed above capture the body's water which makes the spheres swell almost 50x their natural size - providing a super moisturized and long term plumped pout. It also will smooth out any fine lines in the lips which = a more youthful appearance! 
How to use- Apply it every night before bed. THATS ALL! 

How long before you see results?- This product is literally instant gratification!

Warnings- you will have yummy lips! 
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