Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mascara - Most Popular Cosmetic

Even women who usually never wear makeup add a sweep of mascara before they go out, whether it be a black, brown or clear. 

This is a guide to finding a perfect mascara for you! 

Mascara usually comes in two basic forms - waterproof and water-soluble, and then branches off into other categories such as curling, lengthening, they even now come with little fibers to make them look ultra long! But for now, lets just stick to the two basics as mentioned above. 

Waterproof Mascara- Does not dissolve in water, great for people that swim, sweat and want long lasting results.  As great as it sounds, waterproof mascara does have some downfalls. Removing a waterproof mascara can be a real pain and leave you with raccoon eyes ( Black smudges around the eye) the wiping action may pull and break delicate lashes and may also drag the skin around the eye which ultimately causes wrinkles. A makeup remover can be used to remove heavy duty eye makeup, but can leave an oily residue around the eye. 

Water Soluble Mascara- Easy and hassle free to remove, less chemicals than waterproof mascara, but does not last as long as waterproof mascara and it definitely will not last during a swim race or your best friend's wedding. 

Mascara Tips
  • If you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, opt for a mascara that says  "Ophthalmologist Tested" basically what that means is that it has been tested by an eye doctor and is OK to use close to and around the eye. 
  • Never keep an opened mascara for more than three months. The reason being, is that mascara wands accumulate bacteria just like everything else, and you don't want to keep reapplying bacteria over and over again to your eyes.  GROSS! 
  • Never add water to mascara! It may seem like your making it last longer, but your only contaminating it even more! 
  • When applying mascara, rather than pumping the mascara wand up and down into the tube, try rotating the mascara wand in the tube, not only will you get more product on the brush, you will also keep your mascara from drying out since your not capturing oxygen in the tube.  
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