Monday, July 13, 2009

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

OK, first off, I will try anything that has the word "Abundance" in it.. Love that word! 

So this was my experience with this hair cream:

  1. It literally went from being a powder in the bottle to a liquid in my hair - pretty cool!
  2. I used it when my hair was a bit oily and ready for a wash, and it literally sucked any excess oil up and made my hair go from flat to full - also pretty cool!
So I spoke to the girl at Aveda and she gave me the 411 on this hair potion:

  • "It instantly thickens hair by 17%"
  • Gives you that second day after a wash awesome hair look! 
Overall, I have really oily / long hair and after using this product I was able to not wash my hair for an extra day (not gross especially when it takes you a while to blow dry your hair), and it mattified the really shiny roots that I had. I was also able to style it easier. 

I give this hair potion 2 thumbs up!

It costs $23 and can be found at:

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