Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Living Proof

Living Proof. No Frizz technology is the first anti- frizz technology in over 30 years!

Living Proof has solved the global "frizz" problem by creating a new molecule, PolyfluoroEster, which targets the two main causes of frizz; humidity and friction.

PolyfluoroEster, is a thin humidity barrier, smaller than silicone, that reduces surface friction and and absorption of water aka humidity. Resulting in, frizz free, light weight, gorgeous hair.

From personal experience of using this product, I can say that after using it the first time my hair was not frizzy, and I have thick super coarse hair!

All you need to do is wash hair and apply cream or spray to damp hair and continue to style.

I think it works better if you use hot tools, such as a blow dryer or flat iron to get maximum results, but letting your hair air dry will do too.

They have different creams / sprays for different hair types. Check the chart above to match your type.

This product costs $24.00 and is well worth every penny!!!

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