Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mac facecharts

i won't go into explaining what a facechart is because i know everyone that is reading this blog right now has been to the mac counter. it was one of my favorite things to do besides a makeover to make the day go by. it's was also one of my bigger responsibilities at the counter since i was the facechart specialist. my job was basically to make sure that our facechart book looked fabulous @ all times. also to give my fellow girls guidance, tips & tricks when needed.

here are some samples of my work.

one of my accomplishments @ work. this was chosen to go into a MAC prom lookbook-
which is a compilation of the best facecharts from different counters in my region.

i tried to really focus on making each and every single one different. i was told a while back that the artist tends to create facecharts that'll resemble them in some way or another. i've noticed & have been told in mine that it was the brows. the overall shape is very similar to my own. other than 2 of the lip looks, i've had all of the looks on my own face at one time displayed here in my facecharts. that is really the biggest thing i miss being at a mac counter. it was only there i could get away with having crazy, funky makeup looks on my face. makeup-wise, everyday was halloween! it really pushed the artistry aspect of it all.

so now it goes from my face to yours~

~jenn =)

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