Monday, June 8, 2009

Permanent Manicure

O.P.I has come out with a collection of superpowered polishes. Mimicking the technology of acrylics without of the thick fakeness of it.

Axxium Gels is the new reincarnation of acrylic paste - pliable as regular paint, but once set under UV light, it forms a lasting bond with the nail that won't chip. 

Not only that, these gels also provide a protective covering over your natural now so they can effortlessly grow without breaking or chipping. 

Available in some of O.P.I's most popular colors such as :
  • Lincoln Park after Dark- (Deep Purple)
  • Russian Navy- (Deep Blue) 
  • Minx
For anyone who wants a supercharged manicure, Minx, a pliable film that is available in 165 variations including, Gold Studs and Silver Lining (Beyonce Knowles & Blake Lively's favorite!)

Guaranteed to keep your nails looking shiny, polish perfect and flawless! 

You can find this product only at salons. 

Prices vary from $45 - $60 and last approximately 10 days.

The application process is half the time of a regular paint job. The nail technician applies the the gel under a heat lamp without the possibility of zero smudging . Removing it is even easier - a direct blast with a hair dryer will do the trick. 



  1. !!! Seriously need this in my life. my nails grow at a glacial pace and they are always chipping. plus my nailpolish is a mess all the time too haha