Monday, November 30, 2009

Sake Bath

I have never been one to take baths at all, but I came across this Sake Bath made by Fresh, and when I found out it was composed with over %50 or pure sake, I had to give it a try!

I ran a warm bath and added 1/2 a cup of this amber liquid, and the second I immersed myself in the water, I knew this was one of the things that make you go mmmmmm..

I sat in the bath for about 1/2 an hour and felt all different sensations. First, I felt this warmth, almost sweating like - but don't be alarmed, its only the real Sake taking effect and extracting toxins from the body. Crazy right?!

Well it doesn't stop there, the fragrance of this bath oil is so delicious, literally making you feel like your in Japan waiting for a geisha girl to come and serve you tea - and I can't forget to mention how soothed my muscles felt especially my legs and feet ( awesome for anyone who works retail and stands on marble floors for 8 hours of the day, i.e. ME!)

When I got out the bath, my skin was sooo soft, silky, and hydrated.

End result. AWESOME!!!!

As much as I would like to repeat this bath ritual everyday, I hold out and do it once every two weeks, since this Sake Bath is a whopping $80.00 for 14 oz. but so worth it!

Key Ingredients:
  • Sake - increases circulation & body temp. inducing a purifying sweat to eliminate toxins, while active enzymes soften the skin & even skin tone.
  • Pine Extract - promotes easy breathing
  • Pure Ginger - relaxes muscles
If you love this and want to try it, your in luck because Neiman Marcus has a Holiday Sake Set for $95.00. This set comes with a full size Sake Bath, a Sake Candle, and a full size Rice Body Cream. You can't beat that when the Sake Bath alone is $80.00, for $5 more you get the whole shabang.

You can find this Sake Bath at:

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