Sunday, January 24, 2010

O.P.I Alice in Wonderland Collection

Absolutely Alice

Mad as a Hatter

Everyone seems to be getting ready for the re-launch of Alice in Wonderland!

O.P.I. has fallen down the rabbit hole with this collection for sure!

My two favorite colors from the collection - Absolutely Alice ( glittery blue) and Mad as a Hatter (dark purple / silver glitter)

I am really loving this Alice in Wonderland frenzy! Hopefully you are too!

This collection retails for $8.50 and is available at:


  1. it looks cool and beautiful!!!im puting a picture of justin bieber as me if i can.

  2. The images you posted are from my website My images are copyrighted and not to be used without credit and a link back to my website. Thank you!