Friday, May 29, 2009

Boscia Skin Refining Treatment

Boscia Skin Refining Treatment is a luxurious skin refiner that is guaranteed to renew the skin with a youthful appearance by minimizing  pores, fine lines and giving you a even skin tone. 

This is a treatment to be used day and night under moisturizer / makeup. 

The way it works - Amino Acids, Alanine and Glutamine create a rejuvenating effect. Mulberry extract evens out UV damaged skin by creating an even skin tone, while Lavender minimizes pores. 

I personally love this treatment, because of my huge pores. I use it under my moisturizer and it creates a flawless palette so I can apply makeup. I can't live without this!! 

What puts the cherry on top of this treatment? 

It contains NO:

*Synthetic Fragrances
*Synthetic Dyes

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